HR Systems & Procedures

We understand that you might know your people challenges but sometimes you need help. We can help to define and deliver the solution.

We work in partnership with our partners to define the scope of work. Having worked with more than 300 leading organizations providing HR systems and procedures re-engineering, we have seen most people-related challenges before and we have solutions for each of them.

We are experts in the HR space. We cover all of the core areas of HR as well as the specialist HR areas.

Proserv has worked on huge projects like: mergers, acquisitions, take overs, dislocations, company valuations and so much more. Then we go deeper to make each process or procedure a well-established, solidly taken and nicely calculated initiative.

We are HR restructure engineers, we stand right where you are then lead the way step-by-step while staying hands-on in every inch all the way, then we celebrate our partners’ success.

We make sure that all your employees are covered by social insurance and work on your behalf on the periodical forms and keep you updated about every amendment, internal memos and releases made by the General Authority of Social insurance.

We serve businesses of all sizes – small, medium, and large multinational corporates, and in multiple domains. Proserv helps organizations address important HR requirements by aligning the human resources to law implementation. We manage critical HR processes, thus bringing significant operational excellence and seamless integrated delivery.

We Help you Succeed​

Professional Service (Proserv) has been leading the Human Resources services market since 2010. Serving more than 600 multinational, governmental and domestic businesses and entities all over the region.

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