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Quality Policy Statement

It’s the policy of Professional Services to provide services that meet or exceed the requirement and expectation of our customers and to provide a safe working environment to the company employees, its contractors and any third party which may come in contact with its operation as well as to preserve the environment.
This will be done in a manner, which is in compliance with stated customer requirement and local legal/statutory as applicable which will provide the framework for the organization’s objectives as well as utilizing the competent personnel for the task.

In order to ensure the execution of all activities in this manner, required training will be offered to all key personnel.
The organization shall analyze and monitor its continual improvement through Management Review Meetings, Customer Satisfaction feedback as well as any other applicable KPI’s.

The organization has implemented an Integrated Management System that complies with ISO 9001:2015to enhance its activities.
This Policy will act as a driver for achieving the organizational goals. The QMS Policy will be communicated to all relevant personnel at all levels of the organization and shall be reviewed periodically for adequacy.

Code of Conduct

Professional Services – PROSERV  is committed to pursuing the highest standard of excellence in all its operation services and processes.

An essential part of fulfilling this vision is through adhering to highest standard of ethical conduct and to comply with all international and local and statuary laws and regulations in the areas where the activities are taking place.

Our Code of Conduct will serve as:

  • the foundation for our ethics and compliance programs
  • provide an understanding of the organization legal requirements
  • guidance for ethical decisions taking

All employees are obliged to report any unethical act or breaching to international and/or local laws and regulations to the Senior Management directly.