Professional Services – PROSERV is regarded as one of the leading companies in the field of recruitment and hiring. It is also in charge of finding the right candidate to raise the levels of ability and efficiency that your company requires; our customers vary by sector, industry, region, and culture. As a result, we rely on developing the best recruitment campaign for each company in order to recruit the best candidates.



Steps of the Recruitment Process

  • Receive employment applications including job description
  • Specification of effective sources of the employment
  • Announce vacancies on the specific sources
  • Collecting and filtering CVs in accordance with required specifications
  • Procedures of soft skills and technical skills tests
  • Sending the client’s final candidates for final interviews
  • Verification of selected candidates’ references
  • Prepare a detailed report for each candidate and send it to the client
  • Coordination of candidates’ final interviews
  • Follow-up interviews of the selected candidate.
  • Follow-up to the evaluation of the test period

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