GIS Developer / Web Developer Responsibilities

Job Category: Programming

• Create GIS Software Applications, Web Applications and geoprocessing tools.
• Understand client needs and work accordingly.
• Writing back-end code and building efficient PHP modules or ASP.Net using C#.
• Creating maps using Geographic Information Systems software to display data visually in a way that is easy for the client using maps, along with map relevant tools such as search, custom data visualization, reports and other popular web application features.
• Maintain and optimize geodatabases with a focus on SQL queries and maintenance queries, and any other geo oriented queries.
• Create spatial data from scratch or by adapting existing data sets.
• Retrieve, process, clean, and analyze data from various sources such as web services (WMS/WFS).
• Provide maintenance for GIS Applications and web-based applications.
• Ability to work autonomously while managing multiple tasks simultaneously.
• Excellent written, analytical, and verbal communication skills.
• Able to use statistical analysis tools to process and analyze data in order to identify patterns.
• Developing and designing custom applications using GIS technology to meet business needs, using both ArcGIS application and open-source map framework.
• Able to understand and analyze systems integration requests, data storage solutions, work with the development to integration requests from front-end developers.
• Finalizing back-end features and testing GIS web applications.
• Updating and altering application features to enhance performance.
• Identifying new uses for GIS technology within an organization or industry sector
• Developing maps and charts for presentations and reports.
• Reviewing data to identify errors and inconsistencies in order to correct them before further analysis is performed
• Implementing new technologies to improve efficiency in workflow processes.

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